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May 11, 2011 at 08:05 AM

Issue in Mapping _PO Create


Hi XI experts ,

Thsi is XML (SOAP) mapped to PO BAPI(ZMM_IBX_RFC_CREATE_CABIN_ORDER) .Standard BAPI with commit statement.

The External partner through xml sends the data of :Purchase Order

The XMl contains the COST CENTRE , GL ACCOUNT , WBS ELEMENT information.

-Take a case where the Account Category is : ZNWBS (Project in ME23N PO) , WBS_ELEM_N is sent .

Eg: When :<ReferenceTypeCoded>AccountCategory</ReferenceTypeCoded> =ZNWBS , there is WBS DATA SENT:






-Similary when <ReferenceTypeCoded>AccountCategory</ReferenceTypeCoded> =ZNCC (in ME23N), Cost centre data is sent:





- In Case of 50% , 50% split cost centre data :

1 . 50% -- > have Account Category :ZNWBS , and only WBS_ELEM_E, NOT COST_CTR

2. 50%  have Account Category :ZNCC , have COST_CTR

I applied this logic for WBS_ELEM_E in XI:

ReferenceTypeCodeOtHER| EQUALS (TEXT )| WBS_ELEM_E | If Then | remove context | Split vy value(Each Value)| WBS_ELEMNT( Fiield of BAPI)

Now the issue is WBS ELEMNT gets pouplated under :PO_ACCOUNT of first 50% item and COST CENTRE data lso populated in fisrt item of :PO ACCOUNT .Here COST centre data is of second 50% Line Item , so it is supposed to be populating in second line item not in first .

Since i have used :Remove Context (same as logic of WBS_ELEMENT), it is supressing all the values, and single value of COST_CTR instead of passing to 2nd line item , it is passing to first lineitem .

Hence there is mismatch of data .

Ideally : 1 line item should be populated with : WBS _LEMENT

2 Line item should be populated with :COST_CTR element.

Kindly provide your inputs