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May 10, 2011 at 08:18 PM

Crystal Reports 11.5 ( XIR2) on W2K8-64Bit Server, ASP ActiveX Viewer


Hi experts,

hope this is the right Forum to solve my problem.

During the last months , i had to migrate/upgrade at least 5 Customer, coming from a

Win2K3 32 Bit Server Environment, using various CR Versions ( 9 to 11 ).

Target Plattform : W2K8 64B / CR XIR2 ( )

They all have in common , using the Classic ASP and the ActiveX Browser Control Plugin

the so called RDC technique

I finaly got 3 Systems running with the CR XIR2 SP6,

went to the hell of registry permissions, DLL Registring, temp Files , IIS 7 ApplicationPool,

directory or other access Rights etc. ..

But two of my servers share the same Problem,

which did cost me days of investigation an tryOnError proceeding.

Here are the Symptoms :

Calling the Report launches the ActiveX Viewer, but the Plugin stays Grey .

BUT : exporting to PDF , or clicking on the "Group Structure" Button shows the correct result.

So the Database and Serverside report preparation seems to be 99% working.

and the Client Server Communication is running either.

Seems to be the only Problem left, to Render the Screenlayout , and pass it to the Browser Control.

Checking the serverside with ProcessMonitor shows ,

the the final Error that occures is,

that Crystal expects a Temp File such as \epfXXXX.tmp

which is not there !

so what is the Problem here ?? which DLL or Process is responsible for generating a EPFxxxx.tmp File ?

Does anybody have a solution or hint for me??

( i will write a complete howTo with all my expieriences, if anyone helps me laying the final brick ... 😉


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