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May 10, 2011 at 05:05 PM

Purchasing Group determination


Hello Gurus


In our org structure, we only have one Purch Org defined, then have all our Purch Groups aligned and the appropriate users assigned to their purch grps. All purch grps are distinct in the material goups and co codes/plants they are responsible for. If a normal SRM employee at a co code/plant attempts to requisition, then the correct Purchasing group is defaulted when I check in the basic data for the item. In fact if I use the drop down to select, only one is showing to select from.

Purch Grp A

User 1

User 2

Purch Grp B

User 3

Purch Grp C

User 4

However, we also have the scenario when a buyer attempts to requisition. I know. Not good practice!!! This time when I check the purchasing grp assigned, it doesn't suggest the local (expected) purchasing grp but the first of a list of all the purchasing groups that are responsible for the same material in their respective co code/plants.

So all Purch Grp would be offered for selection:

Purch Grp A

Purch Grp B

Purch Grp C

Is SRM using a different logic to assign purch grp if the requisitioner is already associated to a Purch Grp in the org structure? If so does anybody know what the rules are?