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May 10, 2011 at 02:57 PM

Solution manager as the central CTS+ server with PI???


Hi, all.

I know this question has been raised quite a few times in the forum. However, I still don't have a clear understanding of it. Particluarly, SAP recommends using solman as the central CTS+ server and here's my understanding of the configuration:

1) The CTS+ domain for PI transports is configured within the PI transport domain. That means, the PI domain controller will be the CTS+ domain controller, not solman.

2) A domain link will be added between the solman and the PI domain controller

3) CHARM is not neccessary to trigger the transport creation????

In particular, I don't understand how point 3 is possible. Since the CTS+ domain controller for PI is NOT with solman. Without using CHARM, how do you get solman to create a CTS+ transport request in PI? May I misunderstand the SAP doc?

Please advise.