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May 10, 2011 at 02:02 PM

How to configure multiple tax scenarios for contracts??


Dear Gurus,

My client has house, provided to its employee during the employment as well as after retirement, During service there is no leviability of Service Tax for such accomodation contracts.

Post retirement for 6 months the accomodation is provided on same grounds (thus not taxable) and then at commercial rates (at this moment the amount is chargeable to Service Tax).

I have configured Tax Type as MWST and two tax groups FULL (with Service tax code assignment as per prescribed rates) and NONE (without assigning any service tax code - as there is no service tax code with 0 of tax rate in India) and have also checked this group as tax exempt.

When I am trying to assign ths tax type MWST and condition NONE in posting parameters in RE contract, system is giving following error message:

Postings: Data for sales tax is inconsistent for MWST/NONE (Message no. RETMFI065)

Please suggest how to configure an exempt tax code as well as non exempt tax code and apply them in same contract.