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May 10, 2011 at 01:11 PM

HCM Performance Management - Order of Buttons


Good Morning Experts,

I have configured a performance review template with multiple process steps (status & sub status steps). For my End of Review (In Review) status, I have three sub statuses and Status Flow Options (three buttons) with which to transition to the substatus. I am trying to rearrange the order of the buttons on the performance review and have noticed that SAP reorders them after I save. I have deleted all three status flow option steps and recreated in the order that I want the buttons to be displayed, but each time the steps are reordered in the template (3,2,1 becomes 1,2,3) I have tried this several times and it seems like there is a defined sort order that I'm not seeing.

Can anyone provide any insight into this ?

Thanks !

Chris Thomas

Duke University & Health System