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Former Member
May 10, 2011 at 12:41 PM

DP planning book - data view /sapapo/sdp8b


Hello Experts,

This is regarding a deleted data view of a DP planning book.

I was doing some changes and testing in planning book definition screen, /sapapo/sdp8b in the Quality system and unfortunately after testing i clicked on delete for the wrong data view. When I got the pop up if i want to delete the objects/ entries, i clicked on the 'cancel' button. But inspite of that it appears that it still has removed the data view (not visible in /sapapo/sdp94). Is there a possibility to restore this deleted data view without recreating the data view (a new object) ? For the reason that if the data view is recreated the new object will not be in sync with the production systems' corresponding PB - data view. And in the event of re-transporting the PA or PB using /sapapo/TSOBJ at a later stage to production for some other valid changes/ transports, i am afraid this would not be in sync with the already available objects in Production. Can i have suggestions if there is a possibility of restoring the data view ?