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May 10, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Triggering IDoc through xml-http port


Hi All,

I'm doing a scenario from IDoc to File. In the sender SAP backend system I'm triggering IDoc through xml-http port. For that I need to create RFC destination of type H. While creating the RFC destination, in the path prefix we need to enter like

" /sap/xi/adapter_plain/ ?namespace=<*your namespace> &interface=<IDoc_Type> &service=<Sender System> &qos=EO ".

Here which namespace I need to use??????

For example, in the ESR if I'm using a namespace "http://xyz" .But the Idoc namespace will be something like..."".So, which namespace I have to use while creating the RFC destination of type H?????

If I use ESR namespace(http://...), the IDocs are coming to PI(sxmb_moni) but failing in the receiver determination because in the integration directory the namespace in the receiver determination is different(urn:sap....).

If I use IDoc namespace(urn:...) in the RFC destination....I'm getting error(status code 02) in the sender outbound system itself & the IDocs are not coming to PI.

Can any one please tell me which namespace i've to use????


Priyanka Anagani