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Nov 09, 2004 at 10:58 AM

Smartforms or Adobe Interactive Forms?


Hello Folks,

my client currently are beginning the decision making process to replace all of their current Jetform based SAP printing solution to a newer more stable solution - and they are interested in the possible options available.

Note that this is a major project as we have to migrate all documents (invoices, orders, POs, account statements etc) defined in multi languages and versions. Currently we are running SAP4.6C - but there is the possibility of an upgrade in the near future too.

To me the most stable alternative right now appears to be SAP smartforms - as this is a tried, proven and well integrated technology. Now I read here about the possibilities offered by Adobe interactive forms - and that from 6.40 onwards they will be integrated into the ABAP workbench. It is not clear to me though if Adobe interactive forms are intended to replace Smartforms or if they are merely an alternative approach - and what the pros and cons are of each technique.

Also it is not clear to me how well Adobe forms can be integrated with standard NAST table style output control - is it possible to integrate adobe forms to the standard output control?

What we are really concerned with is that we spend a lot of effort migrating to Smartforms only to find out that it is yesterdays technology and that we subsequently have to remigrate to Adobe interactive forms...

Can anyone there at SAP or on SDN provide any advice as to the pros and cons of the Smartform solution when compared with Adobe interactive forms, and any advice you can offer as to which solution to opt for in our migration project?