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May 10, 2011 at 10:20 AM

LSMW for Open Production Order Creation


Hi all,

I want to migrate open production orders from legacy system to the other SAP system. Please let me know how should I do it?

I tried using the idoc method with Message type LOIPRO and the Basic Type LOIPRO01 but the it gives a error that No process code for message type LOIPRO. I guess this is a Outbound Idoc.

Next I tried searching for a BAPI for prodcution orders. I found the BAPI, BAPI_PRODORD_CREATE. But it does not contain all the fields I need. Also this BAPI cannot be used in LSMW as it ALE message type does not exist for it.

So please let me know how can I use the idoc method to create the production order as I have all the fields required in the idoc basic type. Also please share if any other method is there to upload the data.