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May 10, 2011 at 09:31 AM

multiple materials based on priceUni


I try S_p99_4100011 analyze the cost estimate, this report can showcost of multiple materials, but it is defaulted to based on lot size, I want analyze based on 100 price unit, how to do, also I try to change layout of this report to add columns appeared in ck80_99 report, but I got different set of fields avalable in S_p99_4100011 layout column set.

thus how to make price unit selection available in S_p99_4100011, and show all the columns of ck80_99 in S_p99_41000111 report?

in ck13n, it is ok, and we can see cost by price unit, but I can only see one material at once, I want to see over 20 material cost component in list format based on price unit and cost component, which report I should use?

in ck13n, I notice we can use user exit display, which user exit we can use? I want to break down some existing component and combine some components in a customized cost component report format, what are additional configurations we can use?