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Nov 09, 2004 at 12:26 AM

Turn off auto update data target from ODS object after init load?


BW Forum,

We began loading ODS object 0CCA_O09 (CCA line items) to feed 0CCA_C11 recently. The ODS object properties were set to automatically activate the ODS data and then automatically update the data targets (0CCA_C11). We later decided against automatically updating data targets, instead choosing to load infosource 0CO_OM_CCA_9 to 0CCA_C11, 0CCA_O09 and 0COOM_C02 concurrently. We left the automatic activation of the ODS data on.

However, after I migrated the change to disable automatically updating data targets, 0CCA_O09 still continues to send a delta or an init to the CCA_C11 cube when we load data. The auto update of data targets was turned off, yet the delta continues. I deleted the initialization from the data mart, and the next time it sent a new initialization. Consulting note 712916 talks about this being normal (new init sent if init not found).

How can I turn off the automatic update of data targets once they were turned on? I thought transporting the ODS setting change would take care of this, but the auto data update continues.

We're using BW 3.3 SP 15 on Oracle

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Doug Maltby

Anyone else

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