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May 10, 2011 at 06:05 AM

Same Batch Material to be sold at different selling prices



I have a customer requirement where a material at depot belonging to the same batch should be sold at different sales price.

Eg: on 1st of May, Material XYZ belonging to batch AB052011 of 100 qts was GR into the Depot at Rs 100 / qty. A selling Price PR00 will be maintained at Rs 100 / qty. On 5th of May, sales happen for 50 qts, hence PR00 condition of Rs 100 /Qty will be picked accordingly. Till this point everything is fine.

Price change happens for the material at the plant.

Again on 15th of May another GR for XYZ material of Batch AB052011 of 200 qts was GR'ed into the Depot at Rs 150 / qty now. Accordingly PR00 price was changed to Rs 150 /qty.

On 20th of May the total stock of Material XYZ belonging to Batch AB052011 is 250 qts. On 20th if sale happens for 250 qts, Customer requirement is pick a PR00 of Rs 100 for the 50 qts and PR00 of Rs 150 for the remaining qty.

We dont want to allow price to be changed manually, this should only happen through condition records. Is there any way by which I can create a condition table which allows me to maintain two different prices for the same batch at a given point of time.