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Nov 08, 2004 at 07:00 PM

Routine with Return Table in ODS for currencies


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to extract two records from COPA into one in a custom cube for SEM.

<i>e.g. from COPA</i>

<u>CurType Currency Gross Sales</u>

10 EUR 1000

B0 USD 750

<i>in SEM cube </i>

Account becomes from KYF a CHAR and gets a # assigned

Based on CURTYPE in COPA I identify what fields I write currencies and amounts into.

(this is what I get, wher 'X' is empty field)

<u>LocC LocA GroupC GroupA Account</u>

X X USD 750 4550500

EUR 1000 X X 4550500

(would like to have)

<u>LocC LocA GroupC GroupA Account</u>

EUR 1000 USD 750 4550500

Any input? Thanks