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May 09, 2011 at 08:23 PM

F110 not reading RFFOUS_T (ACH) variant for incoming payments



I am currently trying to execute a payment run for incoming payments (ACH). I setup a variant for program RFFOUS_T and selected in F110 but proposal isn't being created. I more than likely didn't setup something right and what like to know the missing piece of the puzzle. The proposal log information is below. I am supposed to input a file name for the DME but i'm not sure if it will be created automatically or do I have to specify it. Thank you in advance.

05/09/2011 22:17:32 Job started

05/09/2011 22:17:32 Step 001 started (program SAPF110S, variant &0000000008558, user ID SIMONCO)

05/09/2011 22:17:32 Log for proposal run for payment on 05/09/2011, identification INCOM

05/09/2011 22:17:32 End of log

05/09/2011 22:17:33 Step 002 started (program SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE, variant &0000000006792, user ID SIMONCO)

05/09/2011 22:17:33 Step 003 started (program RFFOUS_T, variant &0000000000004, user ID SIMONCO)

05/09/2011 22:17:33 Program RFFOUS_T: No records selected

05/09/2011 22:17:33 Job finished