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May 09, 2011 at 10:50 AM

Visibility properties of an input file


Hi all gurus,

in a WDDOMODIFYVIEW method of a standard view in SRM 7, I'm adding some dinamically retrieved custom fields. Here's a sketch of code that shows how I create the couple label and attribute for a field::

LOOP AT lt_header_csf INTO ls_header_csf.
* Concatenate attribute id and label
        CONCATENATE ls_header_csf-field_name '_ATTR'  INTO lv_attr_id.
        CONCATENATE ls_header_csf-field_name '_LABEL' INTO lv_label_id.
        lo_ui_element_attr  ?= view->get_element( lv_attr_id ).
        lo_ui_element_label ?= view->get_element( lv_label_id ).
        lo_container->add_child( the_child = lo_ui_element_label ).
        lo_container->add_child( the_child = lo_ui_element_attr ).

There's a problem with a single field, which is defined as a CHAR(250). By now, the input box for that field is really huge and this mess up the view.

Is there any attribute/property I can change for that lo_ui_element_attr in order to keep it as an input field of 250 c but setting a fixed dimension for the input box ?

Thanks in advance.