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May 09, 2011 at 10:03 AM

Premature end of File using SOAP HTTP Axis Receiver


Hello experts,

I have been getting a "Premature End of File" error in moni. I am using the SOAP HTTP Axis Receiver and have the following modules configured:

Module processing sequence is as follows:

1. afreq
2. dc
3. xireq
4. tph
5. trp
6. xires
7. afres

Only dc and tph were added, the rest are standard

Module conf is below:

dc handler.type
dc key.0 write TServerLocation
dc location.0 context
dc value.0 transport.url
tph handler.type
tph key.0 set soap12.webmethod
tph key.1 set enableREST
tph value.0 GET
tph value.1 true
trp handler.type
trp module.pivot true
xireq handler.type
xires handler.type

I am also using java mapping to generate the soap envelope and place an empty payload there.

So not sure where is this premature end of file error is coming from.