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May 08, 2011 at 11:21 PM

Dynamic Modification rule


Hi all,

Iam newly implementing the Dynamic modification rule. Can any one please let me know the following queries:

1) How the valuation mode should be selected for Inspection. If it is "Attributive Inspection Non-Confirming units, whether the system should automatically reject the valuation in the recording, as soon as i enter the required number of "Non-confirming units". If it is so, it is not happeneing in my system. If it is wrong with the entry of data, can you pls let me know the fields to be entered mandatorily.

2) How dynaminc mod criteria (Material, Vendor, Customer...) will influence the sample size calculation

3) what is quality data record. what is the transaction to see the data record.

4) As per the std SAP, there are three dyn mod rules: LTP, S01, S02. Why the rejection level is always set as "1" for all the three cases. Even though there is change in the acceptance level.

5) What is the importance of different levels of Inspections (At lot level, at char level, at type level), if all of them used to alter the Sampling size and AQL levels.