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May 07, 2011 at 01:53 PM

SWCV for SAP ECC 6.0


Hi We are using SAP PI to implement interfacing services between SAP ECC and the existing applications in our company. Both SAP ECC and SAP PI have been newly installed replacing our legacy ERP system. Now when I went to SLD I found that the Basis team has already created the technical system and product for ECC 6.0. The business system has been also created in SLD for the client from which SAP PI will import the IDOCs into the ESR.

Now to import the IDOCs into ESR, I need to create the software component version in ESR for ECC 6.0 and start my development. In SLD the SAP ECC already has its own software component versions for its product and technical and business systems are also existing as mentioned before.

In such a scenario, where and how will I create my software component version so that I can link it to that business system in the Integration directory. I know that I should not import predefined content from SAP into ESR. Whenever I am trying to create a new software component verision in SLD it says create a new SWCV for non-SAP product and it lists only non-SAP products. If I create it this way and develop my repository objects, from Integration directory, which business system will it refer to? That is, if I create a custom software component, how will I link it to the actual business and technical systems?

Please help.