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May 07, 2011 at 10:26 AM

quality server application not starting up.


Quality server was not working so issued a command 'poweroff' from solaris although the OS IP was working properly but was unable to login thorough SAP GUI bow after powering on again the server booted up properly and all the mount points were also present but even after booting up the server from console IP the application didnt start up and the foolowing error was shown : -

can someone help ?


qasadm 1% startsap

Checking QAS Database


ABAP Database is not available via R3trans

Starting SAP-Collector Daemon



  • This is Saposcol Version COLL 20.94 700 - V3.72 64Bit

  • Usage: saposcol -l: Start OS Collector

  • saposcol -k: Stop OS Collector

  • saposcol -d: OS Collector Dialog Mode

  • saposcol -s: OS Collector Status

  • The OS Collector (PID 2078) is already running .....


saposcol already running

Running /usr/sap/QAS/SYS/exe/run/startdb

Trying to start QAS database ...

Log file: /home/qasadm/startdb.log