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May 07, 2011 at 07:14 AM



Hi guys,

I just started learning ABAP and I was advised that BC400 would be a good start. Luckily I could get my hands on The Official ABAP Reference which had a 30 day MiniSAP 6.2 License.

After reading and solving the exercises in Taw10 I got to a point where I don't really know how to find the program I need. In ABAP Dictionary Exercises(Taw10 pg. 157) the first exercises is:

Open the object list for development class BC400. Find the program

SAPBC400WBT_GETTING_STARTED, and open its object list. Throughout the

exercise, make sure that you remain in display mode.

Now I managed to find BC400 package(I think): SE80 -> Application Hierarchy -> Packages -> Basis Components -> Abap Workbench -> /SAPTRAIN/BC400, but when I try to see the contents of this package there is nothing inside. I tried everything I could think of but I cannot see the contents of the package(That is if the package has anything inside).

Can anyone give me a hint about how should I proceed with this? How can I find SAPBC400WBT_GETTING_STARTED? Is /SAPTRAIN/BC400 the package I'm looking for?

Best Regards,