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Former Member
May 07, 2011 at 03:33 AM

External Kanban (full to empty) - Purchasing Order generated.


Dear all,

I am wondering how the system setup that is able to generate a purchasing order with link to a contract.

Our control cycle is using replishment procedure of external with "0001" (i.e. working with purchase order).

This is what happen....

When the Kanban container is empty, I performed a PK21 to signal it from "Full to Empty" status, and saved.

Next I went to Kanban board to check the demand source view (i.e. PK13N), and I notice that the control cycle of red with PO item generated. I went to this PO and found out that there is a info record, and contract in the line item.


How in the world that the system is able to:

1 - create a Purchasing Order with a linkage tie to a contract??