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May 06, 2011 at 02:28 PM

Copy control sales document to sales document only partners


Hello Gurus !!!

I have a very strange scenario. It is about sales promotion scheme. Scenario is this.

We have to give one material (Camera) free with every material (TV) in single sale order. Division for Camera is 30 and for TV it is 60. Now management wants to give free goods in same sale order with VBN1 and they also don't want to eliminate the Division check at Item Level. System is not allowing free goods in same order as divisions are different.

I have a solution that create standard order of LCD and a separate FOC sale order with reference to the standard order. But in copy control system is copying the Sales area and FOC order is also creating on 1000 10 60 but i have to create it for free goods (Camera) at 1000 10 30. In copy control i am not copying any item. I just want to copy only sold to party and ship to party. No pricing no Sales area.

If you have any other better solution please suggest or give your comments how to cater this in copy control.