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Nov 04, 2004 at 09:09 PM

BPS Web file upload and Derivation (characteristic relationship)



We have implemented the code of the SAP white paper 'How to load a Flat File into BW-BPS Using a Web Browser' and did some enhancements to it. The file upload is working fine.

In addition to that we created a derivation function (exit) to populate a characteristic not included in the planning level used to upload the file.

If we manually enter data in a layout (under the same planning level used for the upload), the system correctly derives our characteristic value. If we upload the exact same entry, the system does not derive our characteristic value. The characteristic we derive is not in the file neither in the planning level.

How cannot we correctly derive our value thru an upload ? As long as my source characteristic is in the level and my target is not it should work the same way as it works with a manual entry.

Any clue what might be the issue ?