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May 06, 2011 at 09:29 AM

WAD - 2 geocharacteristics in the drilldown


Hey experts,

I am working on geovisualization. What I try to do is, to show dynamic geo-characteristics, as points or so with the help of the coordinates of longitude and latiude. After some struggeling, this works fine, and I receive a map with triangles at the corresponding places.

Any idea where to change the format of these triangles (shape --> converting it into a circle, or the color)?

Going further: What I want to implement next is this map with the point layer with an underlying map with the borderlines of a country, states, postalcode areas etc. The background is, that it is indeed a lot of work to display dynamic geographic information (or static with geo-characteristics), but it`s in the end not worth that much.

My vision is to show e. g. customers per state, which means all the customers of one state are drawn as points within this state on the map. This could, in my opinion, be a great and efficient way to analyze customer`s density.

Now: The problem of the WAD is, that only one geographical characteristic at a time can be in the drilldown. For my case I would need more than one, or I had to solve it by different layers. But that does unfortunately not work yet.

Any solutions/ tips/ experiences? Thank you sooo much!