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May 06, 2011 at 09:16 AM

How to use master warranty in case of excess production


Dear Gurrus !!!

My client company is involved in Electronics products (Refrigerator, TV, Oven, AC etc) manufacturing and sale business. There are hundreds of units produced and sold on daily basis. now i have to make warranty check here in CS module. My requirement is:

When we create Service notification type S9 with IW51 we enter Serial number on create screen. Serial number is linked with equipment, batch and material master. Requirement is when we enter serial number system should tell the warranty status in pop up screen. Warranty of Refrigerator and Compressor are different. Ref 1 year Compr. 3 Years. I have done every thing in system but now im facing two problems only.

1 I used user exit BG000001 and check standard tick for pop up too. A pop up screen appears but there is no warranty

detail on that screen but when i check Additional data tab of serial number it shows compressor and ref warranty


2 It is not possible for users to enter master warranty and warranty start date in every serial number because there is

hundreds/thousands of units produced daily.

Please give me any idea that how can i take date of sale (601 movement date) as warranty start date and how to enter master warranty in serial numbers automatically. i want to perform these activities automatically.

I am stuck here in warranty check. Please help me in this regard.

Pop up is not a big deal but my major concern is to enter automatically start date and master warranty.

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