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May 06, 2011 at 05:26 AM

Add the budget profile in the order type Maintenance Order


Dear Experts,

Scenario for Repair & Maintenance with only MM & FICO module live w.e.f. 2007 (PM not live)

Process Managed thru Internal Order (Order Type: RPMT)

Budget managed through Investment Management (IM); Budget is directly entered against the IO using transaction IM52

Scenario for Repair & Maintenance with only MM, FICO & PM module live (PM went live in 2010)

It was proposed to assign budget against each Maintenance Order. Since the number of maintenance orders being used is very high, it was decided to link the MO & IO so that budget will be assigned to the IO and when the MO is settled against the IO, the budget in IO can be deducted accordingly. The proposed process to assign budget in Internal Order against each Maintenance Order are given below-:

1.) In EAM process one can plan/procure material and External Services only when the Maintenance Order is created & released but practically it has to be planned long before any Maintenance Activity (Maintenance Order to be linked with the estimate so that PO can be created against the estimate).

2.) The no. of Maintenance Order generated in EAM Module is very large as Maintenance order is created for almost each and every maintenance activity. It is cumbersome to allocate the budget to each and every maintenance order. There should be a single estimate for maintenance activity (as in MM module) and that should be linked to maintenance order so that the actual cost of Indent/Service Entry Sheet can be deducted automatically from the estimate (Maintenance Order is to be linked with estimate).

3.) While doing return Indent the cost of return material is not being added to the maintenance order automatically (Maintenance Order is to be linked with estimate).

4.) If Material & External Services not planned in the maintenance order (estimate), the user must be able to do that through Internal Order (estimate), hence the Internal Order must be link to the Maintenance Order. They should able to record the planned & actual cost in the maintenance Order.

Process followed:

1.) Created Internal Order in KO01 for Repair & Maintenance Order Type

Assigned budget to Internal Order thru IM52

2.) Created PM order and assigned Internal order against Settlement Order in tab

u2018Locationu2019 and in Settlement Rule with 100%. In this Section attach the Internal

Order with selection type u2018ORDu2019.

3.) Released both orders and issue the Material for particular Operation and then

determine the Cost for material .After that performed MIGO for consumption of


4.) Settled the PM order in KO88.

Settlement process was successfully saved.

Problem faced:

After posting the goods movement (against each Maintenance Order) and settlement of the maintenance order against IO, we still find the budget assigned to the IO is not consumed/deducted.

1. Actual cost of maintenance is not reflected in the internal order

immediately. We have to run cost settlement (t-code KO88) for the

maintenance order each time the actual cost is incurred in the maintenance order.

2. Also in the case of return indent, the value of returned material is not directly

added to the available budget of internal order.

3. When the material is issued from store through the reservation generated by

maintenance order, system does not check for budget in the internal

order/maintenance order while issuing material from the store.

4. It must not be allowed to create reservation from the internal order of order type


5. In case of external service in the maintenance order, the unit of

measure in the requisition is set to u201CD (days)u201D by default. System does not allow

changing the unit of measure in the requisition (it should allow to change the unit

of measure or set the unit of measure u201CJOBu201D).

6.) When the material is issued from the store through reservation generated in

maintenance order, system does not check for budget in Internal Order

(estimate)/Maintenance Order while issuing material from store.

7.) My first problem is every time running the cost settlement(KO88) is maindetory.Without running cost settlement, How we can settle the actual amount of MO with IO (Estimate budget).

2.) As you know that I have assigned the budget in IO.How system will check the budget while issuing the goods for maintenance order.So will please tell me that which user-exit is used over here.

Thanks & Regards,