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May 06, 2011 at 02:07 AM

MM WM Stock Conversion question


We have MM stock which is non-valuated, quantity-managed stock. MM stock is managed in a fictional plant 2000 co-mingled with the primary plant 1000. One WM warehouse WH1 manages both plants 1000 and 2000.

Objective: Load the MM stocks into 1000, now as valuated stock.

Considered MM movement 309 but the account determination is a problem. Stocks are moving average. If we have 10 units in plant 1000 at $1 each, we want the transferred units to be received at $1 per unit.

Our concept (now) is to use movement type 961 (similar to 561, with customized account determination). Data to be loaded using LSMW and flat file of current stock balances.

Would like advice on the WM stocks conversion. The WM stocks (quants) do not move, but the new plant code is required on the quants. Would like to simply have LSMW recording of LT01 to create transfer orders with the new plant code, but WM stock data remains the same.

Should the WM conversion be handled like a stock transfer, posting change, WM supervisor transaction, or other?