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May 05, 2011 at 08:27 PM

Forecast consumption issue in SNP



i have an issue with forecast consumption. Let me explain the scenario. I have a forecast of say 100 CS for week 1 . I create a sales order for 20 CS . Now the total demand still has to be 100CS . The forecast should go to 80CS . But this is not happening. The total demand is 120 CS . I have checked the macro and it is fine. I have checked all the parameters such as requirements strategy, check mode , the category group associated with reqmts strategy , the categories in that category group etc .

Also , i noticed that in the product view , in the forecast tab , there is a discrepancy between overview and detail tabs. The allocated qty (of the sales order) shows up clearly in detailed tab , but not in the overview tab. Not sure why. I have checked the notes 159937 / 597229 / 566025 and all the settings mentioned in the notes are available in my system.

I also executed the program /sapapo/csp_correct_fcst , but that did not help either . Any valuable pointers would be really helpful