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May 05, 2011 at 05:02 PM

BW 3.5 Infopackage Init Delta and Delta always is send after other infopack


Hi All

I have a new administration of BW 3.5, befores this I only use BW 7.0.

My doubt is on BW 3.5

I have a ODS created but always when I activate the request automatically one infopackage that contain the functionality for Init Delta is Run, then later, I need to assign to this request with red status and delete, later of this, I run other infopakage and after this second infopackage automatically run another infopackage configured like Delta infopackage.

I don´t understand why happend this situation, how can I check or uncheck in this BW Version if ODS will be work as Delta mode or allways full mode.

As I know in BW 7.0 you can set this on infopackage that is created for the ODS the instruction for say if this will be full or delta, not direclty in ODS, but in this situation its on BW 3.5

The Init delta and delta infopackage is run every time, on more than 2 ODS that are related.

I don´t know exactly what steps did the person that create this design, so, its a little confission for me try to undertand this.

In addition, the first ODS that I charge its always deleted completely each month... iths only for prepare some data and send later to other ODS, this mean its like temporarly.

I will appreciate yor help.