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May 05, 2011 at 02:45 PM

NWCE, ADS and Vertex


We are a HPUX 11.31 shop. We are implementing Adobe Interactive Forms which requires ADS. We also have Vertex tax software which uses NW CE 7.1. Per SAP's ADS Landscape considerations doc, ADS can be implemented on NWCE. So, we are thinking to have a single Central NWCE instance catering to both ADS and Vertex. However the issue is, NWCE 7.1 is not available for HPUX 11.31 and Vertex required NWCE 7.1 (catch 22).

What you suggest would be the best strategy? Install Central NWCE 7.1 on a Widnows Server in which case both will be supported, or separate it on HPUX and Windows (maintenance overhead but performance gains?) or any other combination?

Thanks in advance.