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May 05, 2011 at 02:21 PM

Shipment have multiple output triggered on specific date and specific time.


Hi Experts,

We use a custom transaction for a specific customer/ partner shipments. the transaction work with help of batch jobs and idocs. we create a shipment through VT01N, after creation, we use the custom transaction to complete rest of steps - planning- execution- shipping off.

the transaction is capable of producing an i doc for each output we trigger. outbound idoc goes to other party system through SAP PI. the third party system is a web based system.

Output is configured to issue multiple output.

we noticed a strange thing last week.

Several shipment processed on the day had 7 outputs triggered each seperated by 3 seconds/ 4 seconds and 5 seconds. error doesnt show any patterns.

when we see the outputs, 1st output doesnt have manually changed indicator tick. but rest of 6 has the indicator tick.

i have checked all possible option from my side.

need your opinion about what could be the cause.