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Nov 04, 2004 at 12:29 AM

Get real stock available to sell.


Hi all, i am working with SD module, and i need to create one report to show the real available stock, what's this:

We have the T Code MMBE, here you input the material number and show all the storage location with available stock, but don't show you the real available stock, example,

Material PHUY4578

Stock 10000

If i double click on some part of the display it show me a lot of info, like open orders, qc qty, Schd.for deliver, etc. The point here is that i don't get the real stock, using the example, i have this:

Schd.for deliver 5900

Here i see that my real stock qty is 4100, this is the data i need to get, we have the T Code MD04 is good but you need to input material by material, we need a lot of time.

My report need to display:

Customer, Material Unrestricted use Real stock, open delivery's, qty of each delivery, and some other information that i can get went i receive the principal data.

My solution is to get the Unrestricted use data, then search all the sales orders for each material they input, then check if each item is already completed, this with all the data i receive, and then see which items are open. But i see that is a lot of work, i was wondering is there is a better way.

I have vbak, vbap, lips, likp, vbfa to work with.

My other way is on my report use the tcode MD04 because this one has the info i need, but i don't know if its possible to useit? and how?

This is my situation, if some has a better way i will apreciate. Thanks for your time. 😊