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May 05, 2011 at 05:12 AM

Ehp4 upgrade


Hi Gurus,

During EHP4 upgrade one of the components is missed to upgrade ie EA-GLTRADE. now we are trying to upgrade through SAINT, but it is asking stack xml file. We raised to SAP. Please find the reply from SAP.

Thanks for the xml file. In the xml the target selected for EA-GLTRADE

was SP 17 version 600 and hence this is not upgraded to 604 along with

the other components.

Since your SAP-APPL is already upgraded to 604, you can use SAINT to

upgrade EA-GLTRADE from 600 to 604. Please make sure that you meet all

the import conditions and check the dependencies and continue with the

import. You need not have a stack file for the same.

The dependencies are listed below :

SAPK-60407INEAGLTRAD SP 07 for EA-GLTRAD depends on

SAPK-60406INEAGLTRAD, SAPKH60407. The second condition is met but the

first is not.

Hence please include SAPK-60401INEAGLTRAD to SAPK-60407INEAGLTRAD.

SAPK-60401INEAGLTRAD needs SAPK-604DHINEAGLTRAD which inturn needs


Hence please make sure that you define:



iii) SAPK-60401INEAGLTRAD to SAPK-60407INEAGLTRAD in the queue.

Also have the ACP EA-GLTRADE604 defined in the queue. Please make sure

that the above mentioned packages are available in your /eps/in box and

then start transaction SAINT to update EA-GLTRADE to 604.

This will resolve your issue and moreover this is a consulting issue

than an actual problem and I have given the exact procedure. Request youto kindly close this call at the earliest convenience

we followed the same procedure, but system is asking xml file. how can we upgrade without xml file? Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

With Regards,