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May 03, 2011 at 06:16 PM

Output type not defaulting on PO?



I am trying to get the NEU Output type (we use this output type used to send the PO to the vendor through email) to default onto the PO.

I have maintained all relevent customization, and master data:

1. Output Type NEU defined with external send medium (5)

2. Communication strategy CS01 defined

3. Communication strategy assigned to output type NEU

4. Condition record maintained in MN04 for order type / porg / pgroup using medium 5 (external send)

5. E-mail address maintained in vendor master record

6. E-mail address maintained in my user master record

When I create a PO, no output is automatically created. If you check the output determination analysis, it actually finds the condition record, but does not generate the output for some reason.


A valid output condition has been found for the application object.

System response

An output proposal is created.


Execute function

Any thoughts on why?