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May 03, 2011 at 03:08 PM

Error with BAPI inputfields in VC



i try to create a new material in an ERP with a VC component. I use BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA.

When I create a Form for the Input of the BAPI with fields with 0...1 cardinality, i have to click "Enable" during execution to fill in values.

Without clicking it, the inputfields of the form are disabled. While they are disabled, the BAPI ist executed correctly (of course it gives a message "Fill in Material Number" because i haven't inserted values. But the Bapi is executed)!

When i enable the inputfields with the buttons added by VC ("enable/disable" on top of the form) this weird message comes when i submit the values to the BAPI:

Error Occurred while executing the service: while trying to invoke the method com.sapportals.connectors.SAPCFConnector.execution.structures.INativeJCOStructure.getJCOType() of an object loaded from local variable 'value'

Is this a Bug or is it me? what can I do?

PS: When i add fields with 1...1 cardinality, the fields are already enabled (without the buttons on top of the form) and the BAPI is executed.

Greetings, Oliver