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Nov 01, 2004 at 09:48 AM

Web Forms: How to avoid the scrollbar



in oss note 445605 is mentioned the following:

1. Why does a scrollbar appear for long texts in the main window of a form and why are there no implicit page breaks in Web forms?

Compared with the print output, the HTML output for Web forms displays some special features. In particular, the browser output medium does not recognize page breaks. As soon as the main window of a form is filled, there are no implicit page breaks in Web forms such as those in the print output. Where interactive applications in a browser are concerned, page breaks do not make any sense. If the text no longer fits into the main window, the browser automatically shows(!) the scrollbar.

As we want also use the web form for printing (from browser window) we need to disable the scrolling functionality.

Does anyone knows how to do so?

thanks a lot in advance, Claudia