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May 03, 2011 at 05:43 AM

Decentralize WMS


Der all,

I have a question with regards to decentralize warehouse. Presently we have two sides which are setup as decentralize WMS. In another side A is using a SAP system (a third party logistic provider using their own SAP system), and side b is using a non-SAP system (also a 3rd party logistic provide but not using SAP).

Our SAP system has been setup with two Warehouse Numbers for these two sides.


1 - When checking in the system, I notice there is no TR nor TO document created for GR and GI activity, may I know why? is it these two WS, since setup as decentralize WMS, does not have TR nor TO document setup in place, is this standard SAP that no TR TO for decentralize WS?

2 - Further, there is no linkage between WS and Storage type setup in the SPRO, is this part of the requirement for setup a decentralize WMS?

3 - There is no "Check" on the "R/2 link Active" checkbox on the Warehouse definition in the SPRO ==> Logistic Execution ==> Warehouse Mgmt ==> Define Control Param for Warehouse Number. I though this field is require for setup a decentralize warehouse, why it is not ticked?