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May 02, 2011 at 03:10 PM

Running change on prod ord. numbers


Hi Experts,

Could any of you pls help me to set substitutionals for production orders?

I need to change number range on a prod order type, but as a running change: existing orders could not be closed u2013 long standing orders, duration more than 6 month, but newly created orders got the new numbers. The goal is to have better reporting in CO/FI u2013 as prod. order is the primary cost collecting object u2013 and through ord. number the prod. areas / field could easily be selected in CO / FI reports.

So, we are about to create a new order for the existing ones (number 1), with using new number range (number 2) and settle the new orders 2* to the old ones 1* one-by-one. But I want to make sure, that no further confirmation / material movements on the old orders 1will be done. In the system, I have already changed TECO-status (for different purpose), and cnf, GI, GR etc. is forbidden to this status, but CO-month end closing / variance calc, settlement etc are allowed. Thought I could not use TECO here, bec. of the WIP u2013 calculation u2013 the amount related to WIP could be seen for the old orders 1, and acc to standard setting the WIP is settled if status is TECO.

New user status u2013which will forbid the business statuses u2013 is not a help, bec. the orders1* have already created, released and so, therefore, the status profile could not be changed.

Could anyone support me with a useful solution / best practice to handle this situation?

Answers will be appreciated.