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May 02, 2011 at 11:09 AM

System to decide whether create a purchase requisition or not



I have the following problem.

I have an SD order and a material in there. By saving the document i want the system to check (in the background) whether the material is on stock.

If yes, there is stock, nothing special should happen and a delivery could be created from the sales order by somebody

If the material is not on stock, the system should automatically create a purchase requisition.

So I need the system to decide whether to create a purchase requisition or not, based on the availability check of the sales order.

I know that there are schedule line categories.

In the customizing of the schedule line categories it seems i have to check 'Availability' there so that the transfer of requirements is switched on

But if i do that, i cannot provide details about the purchase requisiton to be created inside the schedule line categories (i want to provide in the field 'order type' e.g. 'NB')

If i fill out the field order type, i get an error message from the system:

'Availability/requirements check not possible for external procurement'

So i could do it vice versa and fill out the field 'order type' for the purchase requisition. But then i cannot switch on the transfer of requirement (checkbox 'Availability').

If i would do the latter, it would mean that the system is always creating a purchase requisition without checking the availability and without a transfer of requirements. But i want the system to decide (not me) whether to create a purchase req. or not.

Can somebody advice?

Thanks in advance,