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Former Member
Apr 29, 2011 at 09:08 PM

FISCPER coming through wrong in Emulated 3.x datasource 0EC_PCA_1



This is on BI7, with an ECC6 system, no enhancement packs.

The PCA reports do not agree with the source system (GR55 report). I have tracked down one of the errors being to some postings coming out in the wrong period in BW.

Seems it may be postings near the period end. The period start/end dates show correctly in the selection on BW.

So, a posting which is in period 13 (7th January) is showing as Period 1 (starts 10th January) when it comes into BW.

The datasource is showing a conversion "PERI7". Cannot find any ref to this causing this problem.

Any help appreciated.