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Apr 29, 2011 at 05:59 PM

BWREQARCH Archiving Object - Archived File Storage Retention Guidelines


We are on BI 7.01 and currently customized and completed the BWREQARCH archiving as recommended in OSS Note 706478 and archived and deleted ALL the Request Admin Data older than 90 Days from the database and saved the same into the UNIX file system. By doing that we gained ~ 30 GB of database space. But is it safe to delete the Archived files containing BW "Request Admin Data" from the storage system?

Quick question/clarification regarding the deletion of Archived files containing BW "Request Admin Data".

Seeing the following consequences described in Note 694895 - Performance and tables RSMON, RSDONE:

u201C When you carry out the next check for the requests for which you have deleted records from these tables, the check will not run properly.

  • The status of the relevant requests turns RED in the monitor, and also in all affected data targets that contain the request.

  • The affected request and all subsequent requests are no longer visible in the reporting - all queries on the affected data targets then only display old data.

  • Numerous dumps will occur in various situations.

  • You will not be able to repair the errors caused by the deletion.u201D

Since deleting the Request Admin Data has the above consequences, when we can clean up/delete the archived files physically from the storage system? Once we delete the archive files from the UNIX storage file system it is same as u201CDeleting the Request Admin Datau201D from the database. What is SAPu2019s recommendation to keep the archived u201CRequest Administration Datau201D in the storage system? At what point it is safer to physically delete the Archived files containing BW "Request Admin Data" from the storage system? Upto what point we have to keep the Archived files containing BW "Request Admin Data" in the storage system?