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Oct 28, 2004 at 03:50 PM

Transport Update Rules....


Hi Friends:

I am trying to transport Update Rules (IS to ODS) and (ODS to Cube). I tried to create Transport Requests using Transport Connection. Picked Necessary Objects and Used the Selected the Update Rules.

When i transport the log says its Warning 4. I see an activated Update Rule (at both places). But when i double click on the update rule, It actually doesn't show me the actual UR. It displays the screen when we create a brand new UR and issues an error message.

I tried to collect it by Before and After and pull the cube and select only update rules, but every time its exactly the same.

I tried to look at the activation program of the UR and it doesn't show the actual mapping of the key figures. My update rule has Formulas, Routines and Start Routine.

Any help would be appreciated.


MAthew John