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Apr 28, 2011 at 02:24 PM

How to integrate SUP generated source into RIM BlackBerry IDE


Hi all,

I'm using SUP workplace 1.5.2. I'd like to generate BB device application code and the edit the source in BB IDE.

To do so, I'm following the instructions at [|]

However in the guide several paths in the generated code are mentioned that I can't actually find.

For instance

From DAD Generated Code\<application_name>.bob\Blackberry\generated,
copy the application folder to the DeptDemoClient project [...]

unfortunately there's no such path in the code. The same applies to other paths such as

 there is a custom folder under 
DAD Generated Code\<application_name>\Blackberry

Can anyone with experience on moving the source from SUP WS to BB IDE please provide some help?

Thanks in advance