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Apr 28, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Issues with BDC recording for F-32


I need to write a program to clear customeru2019s open line items using BDC of F-32 transaction.

I have tried two options but I am encountering following issues.

1. I tried using the method provided in the following SDN link for exact same scenario.

Function Module for clearing customer open line items?

In this case, when I run the BDC , it is stopping at the screen of FB1D and a status message appears u201CThe difference too large for clearing u201D. It doesnu2019t move forward unless I balance it in residual items column manually in online mode. After fixing this manually, it goes to next screen but amounts get disturbed and it gives messages like u201CPosting is only possible with a zero balance; correct documentu201D and u201DIncorrect automatic postings are cancelledu201D.

Two issues here-

A. Residual Items amount and item text are not populated in screen.

B. Above mentioned amount balancing errors.

Please note if I go to F-32 standalone, I am able to clear the items by just entering residual items amount and it doesnu2019t go to second screen. So it looks like configuration and all are fine in the system.

2. If I go with normal BDC option for transaction F-32 , the sequence of open line items in which they appear in the screen does not match with the sequence of line items fetched from table. I need to determine the sorting sequence in which data appears in the table control of the screen to track individual record properly.

If anyone has encountered similar scenarios for clearing open line items using BDC for F-32 and have found a solution for the same , please revert back.

In case anyone has used any BAPI to clear open line items , please share the same.