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Apr 28, 2011 at 11:19 AM

Beginner Trying to create a Crystal Report letter


Hi All,

I have a Winforms application with a form on the main page, when the user clicks the save button it sends the contents of all the TextBoxes to a database. so far so good. What I want to do now is, when the user clicks the save button not only will it save the data it will print a letter with the details of the TextBoxes. I don't want to see the form just print it.

I'm assuming that I will need to send the stuff to the database and then call it back to the form using a dataset and some parameters?

I've searched the web but all I can find is a creating tabular report with all the data in the dataset.

I'm completely new to Crystal Reports, I'd never even heard of it before the other day when I was told I needed to create one.

If any one can help or even point me to some good tutorials or even in the right direction it would be absolutely brilliant.