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Apr 28, 2011 at 04:07 AM

Read Object Instance



We created a workflow having a container element that points to a class(which implements the interface IF_WORKFLOW). All our data are stored as instance attributes of that class. All this data is populated in the constructor of the class. So once the workflow is triggered, we managed to create an instance of this container element(class) and successfully populated the instance attributes.

As an approval step, we tried calling a Web Dynpro ABAP UI, so we did all required configuration(SWFVISU + UWL Configuration) ensuring that the required screen appears at UWL.

We managed to pass on the Workitem number into the "DEFAULT" method of the web dynpro's window. Now, we are stuck with a challenge in extracting the class instance from work item number. I did refer couple of blogs pointing to the interface - IF_SWF_IFS_PARAMETER_CONTAINER which could possibly cater my requirement. But I am trying to understand how to actually link the work item number to this interface so that it picks up the container information of our workitem.

Does any one have any clue ?


Raja Sekhar