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Former Member
Apr 28, 2011 at 03:47 AM

EBS upload issue


Hello Experts,

I am testing the EBS configuration for my client. We are using the BAI format and I created a test file in this format. When I upload the EBS (t-code FF.5), I get the following message from the SAP system.

>>>>>>>>>> Error: (F5 263) The difference is too large for clearing

Attempt: Posting on account to account 0000001002 with posting key 40 and amount USD 5,734.00

Document 100000000 was posted in company code ABCD.

After I got this message, I checked the postings in document # 100000000 and the entries are just fine.

What is SAP telling me? Any ideas on why I am still getting this error message? Is it because I started with an arbitrary opening balance for my test case scenario?

All your responses are greatly appreciated.