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Former Member
Apr 27, 2011 at 05:32 PM

Adding Collection Agency to 0Customer


Hi All,

I have a requirement, we have 0Customer data in BI and now need to add Collection Agency field to 0Customer.

BUSAB is the Collection agency filed from KNB5 table in r/3. I can see the customer and collection agency data while running FDM_P2P_CUSTOMER_LIST ABAP program in r/3.

1) Do I need to create new datasource on FDM_P2P_CUSTOMER_LISTprogram and replicate it to BI and create multiprovider with 0CUSTOMER & newly created datasource?

2) Do I need to change datasource for 0CUSTOMER to add collection Agency filed in r/3 itself, if yes how I need to proceed with it to merge program data with datasource data. I can see Customer(Kunnr) field common in 0CUSTOMER datasource & KNB5 table.

3) Is there any other solution?