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Apr 27, 2011 at 05:30 PM

question about ERMS push


Hi Guru,

I am prototyping the ERMS push solution in CRM7 and have some questions about the solution SAP help provided.

Below is the detail about ERMS push:

Here the e-mail is first handled by the e-mail pull mechanism: it is converted into a

SAPoffice mail and analyzed by ERMS to find out more details about the mail (like language and certain keywords).

Then the mail (including the additional information from the ERMS analysis) is transferred to the

CMS (Communication Management Software). The CMS determines the appropriate agent team and

dispatches the mail via the push process to an available agent of that team.

Below is the sap help link:

I have below questions about the solution in the help link:

1. It mentioned about the email profile (set the agent inbox as email provider) and I changed the u201Cdefaultu201D profile delivered by sap. I setup the rule policy according to the help and assigned it in the service manager profile. The purpose of ERMS push is to push email to CMS instead of sending to agent inbox using ERMS. Which business role should this email profile be assigned to? Is it IC_agent?

2. The help also mentioned about setup u201CERMS_ACTIONu201D as communication system ID in CRMM_BCB_ADM. Does this ID need to be added in the CMS profile? If so, which business role should this CMS profile be assigned to? Is it IC_Agent?

3. The ERMS uses workflow WS00200001. After the email is pushed to CMS, what status should the workflow be, in progress or complete? Also does it suppose to have agent assigned in the workflow task?

4. After the CMS pushes the email back to CRM, it will be a pop up for agent to accept or reject. Will it create an interaction record once the agent clicks the accept?

It would be great if you could shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance!

Zhi Jie Kong

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